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"Quilters" closes today! It was an outstanding show, I hope you did not miss it!

One of the real joys, and there were too many to count, was the opportunity to meet, and play with, the gentleman who played hammered dulcimer in the original Broadway run - John Lionarons. Check out his web site to see what he is up to.

I am incredibly fortunate to be playing in the pit orchestra for a marvelous production of a wonderful musical, "Quilters" over the next couple of weekends!

I will be playing 6 & 12 string guitars (wouldn't that be a catchy title for an album?), mandolin and resophonic guitar! The pit also includes a hammered dulcimer and a harp, as well as more conventional instruments.

I would encourage anyone who enjoys musicals that veer off the beaten path to make time in their schedules for this one. The script is great, the score is great, and the cast will inspire awe!